During Event - After Event
The Egg of Burcadia

Available Level 1
Individual Cost MagicEgg 80
Cumulative Cost MagicEgg 80
EXP Xp template 100
Size 3 X 3
Element None
Event: Magic Egg Hunt Reward Amount 1
Game Description
The Egg of Burcadia is a massive monument to the vast creative power of the dragons. Coursing through intricate channels carved within the stone is a magical emulsion once used to feed freshly hatched dragons in the lost city. Wizards nowadays grow fresh treats instead--and dragons have never been healthier! Find enough Magic Eggs and you can have this decoration!

Update Note: The The Egg of Burcadia is only available (after event) for purchase during Bring 'Em Back Events.

Update Note: The 'Reward Amount' is determined by the amount of magic eggs accumulated during the event.

Release History

Release Removal
April 10, 2014 April 27, 2014
December 18, 2014
Bold = Bring 'Em Back Event Dates
Affiliated Dragon: Ovalith Dragon



Possible References

  • The name, Burcadia, is likely a reference to Cadbury, a company that makes egg-shaped candies for Easter.

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