Marble Path

Standard - Holiday 2012

Available Level 11
Buy Coin template.png 1,000
Sell Coin template.png 1,000
EXP Xp template.png 0
Size 1 X 1
Element Earth
Limited: No Limit Unlimited
Game Description
Flown in from the distant Berrywhite mountains, the marble used for these paths appears to shine during both night and day. Our wizards assure us that it isn't because of any dangerous magic, so your visitors should be quite safe while walking on them.

Other Paths: Stone Path, Brick Path, Golden Path.

Path: Visitor Ratio

This is how many visitors will visit any island based on the number of Marble Paths placed. This information only applies to an island with nothing but an Entrance Portal and the Marble Paths.

This information applies individually for each island. Adding further decorations, buildings, dragons, etc will result in greater numbers of visitors.

Marble Paths Visitors
0-2 0
3-8 1
9-14 2
15-19 3
20-24 4
25-30 5
31-36 6
37-41 7
42-46 8
47-50 9


  • The Marble Path was released on February 21, 2012, along with the Brick Path, Golden Path, and the Fountain of Youth.
  • Unlike other decorations, Marble Paths can be removed by placing any other item on top of them. If this happens, players will receive Coin template.png 1,000 for each Marble Path cleared, just as though it had been sold.
  • On December 21, 2012, the Marble Path was decorated with holiday decorations for a limited time.
    • On February 8, 2013, the holiday decorations on the Marble Path were removed.

Possible References

  • The Marble Path's description mentions, "Berrywhite Mountains". This is likely a reference to Barry White, an American composer and singer-songwriter.

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